JAN 4580552328013 Weight 120g


Indicates that the tank kit and elevation unit. They are not included in kit.

 ディスクトップ オードナンスA
Desk top Ordnance A
A tool that supports the assembly of tank models. The model is held by hand directly and fixed to the tool base.
By combining optional parts freely, we support functional work.
※ The image shows the optional parts installed.


Basic configuration of the tool. It will be in the assembled state. A guide jig is also included to make a hole in the model car body. Nut parts to be fixed to the vehicle side are included.


Indicates the back of the tool. It is designed to be easy to hold by hand. Fix the model car body with two nuts. The elevation unit of the optional parts is attached.

固定方法 模型の車体に取り付け用のナットを接着します。(穴あけ用のガイドジグが付属します)

How to fix It adheres the mounting nut to the model car body. (With a guide for drilling)
Attach the fixing nut to the base unit, and hold the spacer between the car body and the fixing base, and fix with the nut.
※ Evelation unit of optional parts is attached.


工作の進展状況により塗装支援のオプションパーツを取り付けて作業できます。 オプションパーツのエレベーションユニットにパレットホルダーを取り付けた状態です。

Depending on the progress of the work, you can work by attaching optional parts for painting support. The pallet holder is attached to the optional unit's elevation unit.


オプションパーツのエレベーションユニット、パーツトレー、パレットフォルダーを取り付けた状態です。 オプションパーツの機能はそれぞれのページでご確認ください。

The functional unit of optional parts, parts tray, and pallet folder are attached. Please check the functions of optional parts on each page.